'Faith on Fire' Youth Group meet Sundays 6 - 8 pm
Living Faith Church of the Brethren
Continuing the work of Jesus...
        - Peacefully.
                    - Simply.
                           - Together.

(L-R) Karissa Tomson, Garrett Tomson, Joy Seward, Shelly Turnpaugh, Travis Seward, Tanner Turnpaugh, and Vearl Turnpaugh
“Lord, would you send us out with tenderness 
to turn this world upside down with love.”
~ Jarrod McKenna’s closing prayer

"How do I see 
Jesus & the Holy Spirit at work 
in my life?

“By helping me have the courage to speak out about my beliefs without the fear of being judged or hurt. Something I enjoy with our youth is the way we accept each other when we have problems and always lighten up the situation.” - Caitlyn

“I have felt Jesus work through me when I volunteer for church events and even during NYC (National Youth Conf) when we volunteered for the Day Camp. He gave me patience when I needed it when dealing with many children. (I would like to think I am a patience person, but I think mine runs out rather quickly nowadays) and I also think that has carried through to school. I feel more patient when it comes to working with kids and being in the mentor program. Also with my huge work load this year, I feel that I have the necessary tools to handle those situations thanks to His guidance.” - Joy