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A Message from Pastor Jeff

As we get ready for our very busy month of June, I am pondering something that I observed at a community prayer service in May. It’s something that I have thought about before, however it was very evident at this event. Maybe we make allowances and excuses for it, but it remains a problem even if we don’t recognize it. In the month that we celebrate “Father’s Day,” I want to call your attention to the lack of general leadership and spiritual leadership that we men are providing for our families.  

In two days of attending the prayer service, I observed 6 men and approximately 17 different women actively participating. Of the men that were present, only 2 were not pastors in the community.  

For various cultural reasons that I won’t go into in this article, we will assume that men are the audience in Deuteronomy 6:6-7 and Ephesians 6:4.  They are commanded to learn, meditate, and teach the law in their homes and in their everyday life. In Ephesians 5:22-31, men are affirmed as the leaders in the home, and women are called to submit to that leadership. Some churches only allow men to be in leadership or limit the areas in which women can lead, some might not allow women to speak at all, and others seem to want a 50/50 ratio of male/female leadership. Instead of debating those perspectives, I just want to focus at the mandates given to men for a bit.

I recently had a conversation in which a strong, independent, smart, and educated lady stated that she wanted her husband to be the spiritual leader in the home. Not every woman can say that she wants a man to be her leader, but this one did as a matter of faith.  

It got me thinking about the state of “manhood” today, and just how distracted we are by things that do not endure. We might teach a kid how to ride a bike or throw a ball, but what about the stuff that will matter for eternity? Why has it become a world where a woman would have to ask for her man to lead? In Hispanic culture, it is not uncommon to see women taking their children to church and leading in that way. We saw that in Tijuana last summer, but also in the church here in the states. Why? Is it that some women suddenly said “You stay away, I got this?” (The world is in rebellion against God’s order, so it may be that some women reject male leadership altogether. However, I don’t think that is the norm.)  

No, I think the problem is that we men have not fulfilled that part of our leadership role, as well as the role of “loving” our families. Someone must lead in that area, and if we don’t do it who is left? If we love them, then why wouldn’t we teach them the most important thing that we could? If we love them, then why wouldn’t we educate ourselves so that we can teach them? I really think that the problem in our churches and homes may go back to a simple answer, men just aren’t leading. By laziness, by lack of knowledge, or by fear of rebellion or failure; men have stopped leading.

So men, how are you doing in your own home? What example are you setting for sons, grandsons, and other men that you influence? Does or will your wife say that you are leading the family to know Jesus more? Do your daughters and granddaughters see a man leading her to know Christ as not only something that scriptural says to do, but also something that been molded for her?  

Ladies, don’t settle for being the spiritual leader in the home. Ask your husband to lead, only date men that are willing to lead you in your walk, and let the men in your life know that they must love God before they get to love you. Possibly the most important of all, let them lead and show them that you appreciate it.  

The world is against God’s version of manhood and beats us down when we try to step up, but the encouragement of a good woman makes the weakest of men strong and embodies the idea that we are to be “helpmates” in life.

Think it over and pray it out,

 Pastor Jeff